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Olympus™ provides true value and superior performance for CLO, Debt & Private Equity Fund Management.

Olympus supports all functions for managers of CLOs, Debt Funds and Private Equity Funds in a best-in-practice solution. Used for over a decade, the scalable Olympus platform enables Asset Managers to focus on activities that add true value and superior performance to their daily routines.

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Olympus changes the way data is used for a competitive edge in asset management, sourcing transactions and overall firm efficiency.


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Why Asset Managers Trust Olympus

Olympus gives me a secure way to review & approve trades while I’m on the road just with my phone. I love not rushing to be in the right place to open my laptop all the time anymore.

Trade Approver

Olympus helps me manage risk by using the hypothetical model to use the position blotter quickly whenever I need it, every day.

CLO Compliance Analyst

Create an environment where your investment team has the tools to identify the best acquisitions, with the best information to acquire and manage companies.